Collapsible storage


Our hand-crafted collapsible storage are storage like no other! They are hand crafted with high quality vibrant African fabric and a sturdy board. They come with a matching 5 by 7 picture frame.

They collapse flat so you can travel with them and they open with a hexagon type edged covering.

Suggestion on how to use it:

Use them to store a variety of essentials in a stylish way; from a throw, to a blanket, gym clothes, laundry, lingerie, etc. They will also fit perfectly in most rooms in your home from Laundry room, closet, living room, children’s room etc.

They are also stylish enough to blend with as an artistic addition to your home.

Did we say they come with matching 4×6/5×7 picture frames?ow would you use your MBA Storage?

All our Collapsible storages are:

Hand-crafted with the best African print and a sturdy board.
Collapsible so you can travel with them.

When opened is 12.5 by 10.5 wide and 15 inches deep.


Soak a white rag into soapy water, run over your MBA storage and leave out to dry.

NOTE: They can be custom made to suit your space or custom ordered for your event.


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