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Before I respond to that, what does Re-brand mean?


Rebranding is basically changing your brand’s identity elements like a brand name, icon, color(s), typefont, tagline etc. According to Wikipedia, Rebranding is a marketing strategy in which a new name, term, symbol, design, concept or combination thereof is created for an established brand with the intention of developing a new, differentiated identity in the minds of consumers, investors, competitors, and other stakeholders.


A lot Businesses decide to rebrand for various reasons; some reasons are inevitable and is usually the final straw, situations like:

  • Your company is being acquired, merged and/or have a new management
  • Your company is getting a bad reputation
  • Your company outgrowing its present image
  • Your company is pivoting due to market demand
  • Your company wants to remain relevant in your niche especially in these times.

but as a brand you need to understand that Yes, rebranding is a great strategy but should only be considered when your old image doesn’t fit your new mission and vision for your brand.

So If you answered YES to one or more of the situations listed above then Definitely; Rebranding to the rescue!


Check out these 10 reasons to rebrand and the stories behind them

Where you surprised by any of the stories? Did you find any of the stories fascinating? Do share your thoughts and comments below.

Need to talk about your brand packaging? Need to reposition or Rebrand? Schedule a session with me.

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My Brand is……

When we evaluate people, we normally have an expectation of how they should act, behave, speak, dress, and generally interact with others. Usually people earn our trust once we have understood who they are and what they are about You trust a person to know who they are and what they are about. If I asked you to describe yourself in 5 words you would give me 5 adjectives that describes you based on your personality. The same goes for brands; Your brand has its personality (well it should) so can you come up with 3 words to describe your brand?


It is one thing to describe your brand the way you envision it based on the perception you want your customers and potential customers to have of your brand. It is one thing to expect everyone to see your brand the way you see it in your minds eye but is is that always the case?

A school teacher does these exercises with his students that gets everyone engaged and speaking about the essence of great brands; He ask the students to use five words to describe certain brand and how these brand makes them feel.

NOT WHAT THE BRAND DOES, or WHAT THE BRAND SAY THEY DO but how that brand makes the students feel.

One is the student’s said “This brand makes me feel Smart, Sophisticated, Successful, Elegant, Respected.” The category was Auto. The Brand he was describing was Mercedes Benz. Thinking of it now can you see how Mercedes Benz would have made him feel that way?

Another student said “This brand makes me feel Eco-Friendly; Protected; Aware; Intelligent; Relaxed; The category was Outdoor Clothing. The Brand he had in mind was Patagonia, an eco-friendly clothing store based in California.

So obviously, the brands mentioned above have a clearly defined personality. The best brands have that in common; A clearly defined personality and it is evident in the emotional response they draw out when they interact with their customers.

So I ask again; How would you describe your brand? How would people describe your brand? How does your brand make the people around you feel? What emotions does your brand “awaken”, “evoke”? If they are positive emotions then that it awesome, work on keeping it that way, if they are negative; Don’t “get your panties in a bunch” it is never too late to change that perception.


So give it a shot! Don’t make assumptions, go ahead and ask your consumers; How does my brand make you feel? You might responses that sound like this “ Your brand makes me feel” PRECIOUS, Your brand makes me feel ALIVE” whatever it is go find out! And take control of your brand perception.

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TGA Top 5- July 4th Edition

Happy Independence Day in advance!!!! Before I share The Gift Advisory’s Top 5 Gift ideas for the American Independence Day 2020, let us take a little “History Trip”. .

In July 1776, the 13 colonies at the time claimed their independence from England, an event which eventually led to the formation of the United States. From that “event” to the present day, July 4th has been celebrated as the birth of American independence.

As a naturalized citizen of the United States, I have witnessed the celebrations and participated in the festivities, parades, parties, FIREWORKS all the “nine yards”. (There is no July 4th celebration without fireworks 🙂

And for this year’s celebration, I am predicting a somewhat low key situation. This year, unlike the previous years, is happening in the middle of a Pandemic; I am curious about the parades that will still take place and how many people will show up for them but one thing I am certain will happen is CELEBRATION! Definitely in smaller groups, amongst family members and smaller crowds but people will celebrate, and here my Top 5 gift suggestions for the celebrations this year.


This 108 fourth of July Patriotic American Flag Party Favors Bulk Includes: 12 USA Shutter Shade Sunglasses, 72 Fourth of July Temporary Tattoos, 12 Red Blue and White Bead Necklaces and 12 American Folding Fans and will make a great gift this season for your house party. If you are invited as a guest, gifting this would add some sparkle to the party and would serve a party of 12. Would also be great for that barbecue or picnic you will be having this July 4th.

Complete the “party pack” with matching Patriotic face masks; Masks have become a necessity and a symbolic mask like this one will fit perfectly into the theme.

Make the party pack “edgier” by swapping the plastic sunglasses for these patriotic gladiator sunglasses. You will be the coolest “gifter” guaranteed!

Gladiator sunglasses from Amazon


What is the month of July without ice cream? What is A July 4th party without an ice cream machine? An Ice Cream Maker like this Cuisinart ICE-30BC Pure Indulgence 2-Quart Automatic Frozen Yogurt, Sorbet, and Ice Cream Maker is the perfect gift this season because it is easy to use and is strong enough to make the yummiest gelato, Ice Cream and Yoghurts all summer long.

The Complete Cusinart recipe book
(Photo Credit Amazon)

While you are at it, throw in a recipe book like this Complete Cuisinart frozen Yogurt, Sorbet, Gelato and Ice Cream Maker book that has 100 fun recipes for your giftee to try out, long after the July 4th festivities.


A blanket is a great gift because it can be used for the summer picnics, beach hangouts and can still be used in the home. But a double-sided blanket is even better, especially when it is a Patriotic US Flag Blanket, like this National Flag Throw, Sherpa Fleece Plush Super Soft Cozy Warm Reversible Blanket.

This will make the perfect gift for anyone that is Patriotic to a fault. You know that family member that has a flag hanging on their porch ? Yes that one. This will also be a great gift for a A Veteran.

Want to go a little overboard? Gift this exclusive hand made collapsible storage an MBisAfrican good packaged by The Gift Advisory alongside the blanket. It will make great storage not just for the blanket but also for other goods in the recipients’ home. Did I mention it was collapsible?

A Collapsible storage by MBisAfrican
(Photo Credit MBisAfrican Goods)


A Ninos Treasure Basket
(Photo Credit Ninos Treasure)
Gulcets Ultimate Gift Tower basket
(Photo Credit Amazon)

Okay, what is a celebration without food? I haven’t seen anyone turn down a food basket especially when it comes to a variety of yummy goodness for everyone to enjoy. A Food basket is always an appreciated gift; A great addition for any kind of party. This weekend, next weekend, whenever.

You can buy an already made Gift basket like the Gulcets Ultimate Gift tower basket or contact a Gift Stylist to curate a basket for you; Customized to perfection with some of your recipient’s favorites tailor-made to your budget.

Caddy baskets by Ninos Treasure
(Photo Credit Ninos Treasure)

Feeling a little adventurous and love to DIY buy a lovely basket like the Caddy baskets from Ninos Treasure and package your selected goodies yourself with Love!


The Centennial Fountain XL burns for only 80 seconds. (Photo Credit TNT)
The 500-gram Living the Dream
(Photo Credit TNT)

What is a July 4th celebration without fireworks? An incomplete party! Fireworks are a great gift. As expected, there have been cancellations of lots of large fireworks displays because of COVID 19, Without these attractions, more people than ever are resorting to at-home firework usage. Gifting loved ones the Centennial Fountain XL or any “home use” fireworks would make the perfect ending to the July 4th house party.

A CraveBox (Photo Credit Amazon)

Add a snack box like the Cravebox: It is the Ultimate Variety Snack Pack with an assortment of some of everyone’s favorites; Especially the kids, they would love you for that.

Bollinger Brut Special Cuvée
(Photo Credit Google)
Martinellis Sparkling Cider
(Photo Credit Huffpost)

Throw in bubbly, Afterall we can’t be eating without “washing it down” with a drink? A bottle of champagne has never hurt anybody and would be perfect “add on” gift not just for the weekend all year round. Making a toast is very important at this time, we have all been through a lot after all and it’s very necessary to make a toast To Love, To Life, To the family and definitely and most certainly to Independence Day!