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Yes you heard that right! Meet Ace of Air, a beauty and wellness brand with a 100 % circular packaging model that lets you buy the product and borrow the packaging

Sustainable packaging is a growing trend not just in the beauty industry but across all industries and a lot of brands are eliminating plastic and introducing cruelty free and sustainable product and packaging options; One of these brands is Ace of Air, founded by supermodel Petra Nemcova in collaboration with former Revlon executive Stephanie Stahl and a finance professional, David Knowlton.

They realized the importance of sustainable packaging after they conducted a Life Cycle Analysis of their products and discovered that 70% of their products’ environmental impact came from packaging. At that point, they knew they needed to do something and make a positive change.

Ace of Air describes itself as a superconscious beauty and wellness brand with products that contain fair-trade and wild-harvested ingredients and are cruelty-free we definitely love to hear that don’t we? But the most unique ability of this brand is its innovation; imagine buying a product, borrowing the packaging…

How it will work is for a small fee, Ace of Air provides customers with a “boomerang box” When they finish their products, customers can place the empty jars in the box and return them to Ace of Air. This prevents them from ending up in oceans or landfills. The boomerang box is made sturdy enough to last 100 roundtrips ; that is 200 trips and it can be used and returned by more than 100 people in its lifetime. This model will reduce both the amount of plastic it produces and emissions from manufacturing.

Besides this sustainable packaging that is guaranteed to reduce the use of single use plastic and its cruelty-free product lines, Ace of Air has also pledged to give 3% of revenue to its not-for-profit partners.

Can we get a standing ovation for this brand? Would definitely love to hear your thoughts and comments below? Would you love to try their range of product? Share your thoughts below .

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