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My Brand is……

When we evaluate people, we normally have an expectation of how they should act, behave, speak, dress, and generally interact with others. Usually people earn our trust once we have understood who they are and what they are about You trust a person to know who they are and what they are about. If I asked you to describe yourself in 5 words you would give me 5 adjectives that describes you based on your personality. The same goes for brands; Your brand has its personality (well it should) so can you come up with 3 words to describe your brand?


It is one thing to describe your brand the way you envision it based on the perception you want your customers and potential customers to have of your brand. It is one thing to expect everyone to see your brand the way you see it in your minds eye but is is that always the case?

A school teacher does these exercises with his students that gets everyone engaged and speaking about the essence of great brands; He ask the students to use five words to describe certain brand and how these brand makes them feel.

NOT WHAT THE BRAND DOES, or WHAT THE BRAND SAY THEY DO but how that brand makes the students feel.

One is the student’s said “This brand makes me feel Smart, Sophisticated, Successful, Elegant, Respected.” The category was Auto. The Brand he was describing was Mercedes Benz. Thinking of it now can you see how Mercedes Benz would have made him feel that way?

Another student said “This brand makes me feel Eco-Friendly; Protected; Aware; Intelligent; Relaxed; The category was Outdoor Clothing. The Brand he had in mind was Patagonia, an eco-friendly clothing store based in California.

So obviously, the brands mentioned above have a clearly defined personality. The best brands have that in common; A clearly defined personality and it is evident in the emotional response they draw out when they interact with their customers.

So I ask again; How would you describe your brand? How would people describe your brand? How does your brand make the people around you feel? What emotions does your brand “awaken”, “evoke”? If they are positive emotions then that it awesome, work on keeping it that way, if they are negative; Don’t “get your panties in a bunch” it is never too late to change that perception.


So give it a shot! Don’t make assumptions, go ahead and ask your consumers; How does my brand make you feel? You might responses that sound like this “ Your brand makes me feel” PRECIOUS, Your brand makes me feel ALIVE” whatever it is go find out! And take control of your brand perception.

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