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4 Tips to Package the perfect “Last Minute” Valentines Day Gift.

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and if you want to have the perfect Valentine’s Day Gift, you should start shopping now. It’s not too late to find the right gift and these four tips will help you jumpstart your search to narrow down the perfect gift for that special someone.⁣

    Online shopping is the most convenient way to shop especially as a busy professional “Last Minute”. There is no better way or faster way to scan multiple stores all from the comfort of your own home with just a few finger movements. Even if you’re looking for the perfect piece of jewelry, online stores are very inexpensive and have huge variety of gifts for your loved one. It’s a great way to find the perfect gift and doesn’t take a large effort. You can use a search engine with keywords about your Valentine and come up with sites that will cater exactly to what your loved one wishes.⁣
    We have all heard the saying “it is the thought that counts”. It really is but keep your gift meaningful for your recipient. It will be very helpful to know a few things about your “giftee”. Meaningful gifts don’t have to be expensive. They can be handmade or even specially made. The thought behind the gift is what is important. ⁣
    Put your hands in the air if you cherish experiences. Even eating for me now has to be some sort of experience. Create an experience around your gifting this season. If you really want to make your Valentine’s Day gift memorable and perfect, don’t just buy a gift; Use the “gift in a gift” approach , make a little treasure hunt out of it or include a coupon or tickets to an outdoor event like a Broadway show, a restaurant where you have to eat blindfolded; Put on your creative hats and you will be surprised what you come up with. Make an experience out of the whole thing because the memories your loved ones create from this experience will be fondly remembered long after the Valentines Day season.
    Okay, I am not asking you to go all OCD but I am asking you to be mindful when putting together your Valentines Day Gift. If you ordered it online, picking it up from the store or are DIY’ing ensure everything is perfectly organized, color coordinated;
    • Gifts sitting pretty on a bed of whatever you choose ✔️
    • Gift sealed to perfection with a kiss ✔️✔️
    • A personal note or a card expressing your heart felt details ✔️✔️✔️
    • A Gift in the gift ✔️✔️✔️✔️

There you have it, our 4 tips to ensure your Last minute gifting and Valentine’s Day gifting to your loved ones will be an experience that will be cherished this weekend and always.

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